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What others are saying

"I am starting the field work of an important project of 1000 mm, 800 mm, and 500 mm pipe detection before excavation for critical sewer lines and foundations, and this utility mapping bootcamp fits perfect."

Francisco Peralta Belmonte
Geologist | Geofísica y Geología Consultoría
(performs GPR surveys in Paraguay, mostly for utilities)

"This training is packed with a ton of excellent information, useful to anyone looking to expand their mapping capabilities. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking for an efficient & affordable solution for utility locating & mapping."

John Crockett
Regional Planner/GIS Coordinator | Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission

"Good stuff and very easily laid out to understand...great job coming from a fairly new guy to GIS..this program is helping me understand some possibilities we may be missing by not using and offering GIS."

Michael Mayr
President | 3-D Line Locating Ltd.

"This whole package gives a ton of practical knowledge on how to use open source GIS software, which is free to everybody to create a more advanced and web-based utility management platform. I encourage everyone to jump on."

Ben Emunah Aikins
Freelance Geospatial Analyst & Drone Pilot | Utility Mapper

"Centerline Mapping is the best GIS-based learning platform for a utility locator. Very useful training packages at an affordable price. Tyler is a very useful and energetic person and at any time he is ready for any queries or help."

Tejas Dobariya
Owner | Nyalkaran Utility Mapping Services

"Thanks to Tyler for his ongoing support and knowledge of utility mapping. The bootcamp he provides allows you to map utilities using FREE GIS software. It's easy to follow and easy to learn. I highly recommend giving it a go."

Owner | OzDetect

"Tyler's training makes it easy to learn. I recommend this program to anyone wanting to progress in their careers or even those who just want to learn a new skill"

Nick Mann
CEO | Mann's Locating Services

"Tyler's Utility Mapping Bootcamp training is the best we have seen...a really good job done by Tyler at Centerline Mapping in creating a very easy to follow workflow and training system."

Page Tucker
CEO & President | ProStar

"Our goal at GNG Locating is to make our client's sites safer by providing as much information and documentation as possible and Centerline Mapping has helped to make that happen."

Alex Gomez
Co-Owner | GNG Locating LLC

Utility Mapping Training
"I found the online course highly beneficial. This training enables us to put all utilities on a map in an organized manner. The brief lessons inspires you throughout the course."

Abebayehu Tekola

Utility Mapping Training
"Tyler's online Utility Mapping Bootcamp training course is very helpful. PointMan is a breeze and does all the work for you in the field. I'm a fan."

David R
Utility Locator

Utility Mapping Training
"I found Tyler's training very well put together & informative. Tyler provides amazing support and always replies promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending his courses."

Stephen Baldwin
Bluestone Archaeology