Online Learning

Centerline Mapping offers a variety of online or blended programs to help you achieve your educational goals. Credits from these classes can be applied towards earning a GISP certification from GISCI.

With online learning, you can advance your career and business through education, enjoy flexible scheduling and smaller classes taught by industry experts, and learn in a setting that utilizes the latest technology to provide you with the support and resources to be successful.

Centerline Mapping affirms its commitment to ensure that classes and education offered through this initiative provides high-quality opportunities that can help students reach their goals. We welcome students around the globe to participate and consider these advancement opportunities.

Instructor-Led Training

Course Length Price
Getting to Know PointMan Plus 1 hr $175/person
Collecting Data using PointMan Plus 1 hr $175/person
Getting Started with QGIS 1 hr $175/person
Mapping & Managing Data using QGIS 1 hr $175/person
Getting Started with ArcGIS Online 1 hr $175/person
Building 2D & 3D Apps with ArcGIS Online 1 hr $175/person
Introduction to Augmented Reality 1 hr $175/person
Configuring AR with GIS Data 1 hr $175/person
You Pick - Tell Us What You Want to Learn 1 hr $175/person
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Why You Should Consider These Classes?

These classes provide the absolute best, one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience with GIS software.

Students use and learn FREE state-of-the-art and industry-leading GIS mapping technology.

Gain exposure to the most advanced & affordable GIS implementation strategies and software.

What Hardware & Software Will Your Team Learn?










Interested in Continuing Education and Our Online Training Programs?

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will our team have access to any material before or after the classes?
Students are encouraged to enroll in our online training for additional self-paced learning material.
We have 2 online trainings and over 50 lessons in geospatial technology.

Do you offer any support beyond this training?
Yes, we offer virtual learning assistance & lifetime access to our online training content.

What happens if I need to reschedule?
Students can reschedule and apply full funds to a future class at any time.
Please see our cancellation policy before booking a class.